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Flying Squirrel Test Sites

After finding a northern flying squirrel in a bird box in the fall of 2012 I began testing out flying squirrel nest boxes. After trying out the only design I could find and its resulting very limited use I began to alter it and use a completely different design that flying squirrels were using. 


The two different designs are two completely different designs. One is a more traditional nest box with a entrance hole on the side near the tree truck for easier access. The second design has an entrance on the back side of the box against the tree with a roof that covers the entrance and provides a gap between the entrance and the tree trunk.


One "problem" I have had so far is the flying squirrels at one location are fatter than normal due to access to bird feeders. Because of this they require a larger hole size than "normal" wild flying squirrels.

Squirrels and Squirrel Boxes Gallery
Probably flying squirrel nest

Flying squirrels tend to make their nests with more mosses than red squirrels but some red squirrels will have moss dominated nests.