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Warne in the Wild is a small business (with non-profit programs) that builds high quality wildlife boxes to maximize enjoyment from their use while minimizing required maintenance. Along with building wildlife boxes Warne in the Wild also provides detailed information including tips & tricks on how to build, install and maintain the different wildlife boxes. Wildlife boxes include: bird boxes, small bird & hawk platforms, bat boxes, squirrel boxes and bee boxes. The scope of Warne in the Wild includes:

  1. Continue to implement a province wide American kestrel nest box program in Alberta, which utilizes citizen science, private landowners, public lands and various companies & organizations. 

  2. Testing various wildlife box designs including boxes for: tree swallows, kestrels, bats and flying squirrels.

  3. Provide information on how to attract beneficial species of wildlife to your home with a focus on the various wildlife boxes and the species they attract. Information on non-target species will also be provided including ways to limit the use by non-target species.

  4. Provide detailed information on how to build, install and maintain the different wildlife boxes.

  5. Build and sell high quality, functional and long lasting wildlife boxes.

  6. Building and selling various woodworking projects.

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