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British Columbia American Kestrel Nest Box Program

The British Columbia American Kestrel Nest Box Program is a province wide program with 323 boxes that has the following goals:

1) provide safe and secure nesting sites for kestrels particularly in areas with a mix of ranching and farming. Ideally this would help their populations stabilize or even begin to recover, at least in localized areas.

2) provide long term trends of kestrel nest box use at the provincial, regional and local levels.

3) engage landowners and the public using citizen scientists to monitor and maintain the kestrel nest boxes.

4) band chicks and adults when possible.

5) provide opportunities for other kestrel biologists to conduct research.

6) provide feather samples for the 2019 summer as part of the continent wide genoscape project. 

Landowners specific information can be found on the "Landowner" webpage:

Monitoring specific information (which many landowners would also be involved in) can be found on the "Citizen Scientists" webpage:

Detailed information on kestrels and their nest box placement can be found on the "American Kestrels" webpage:

American Kestrel Photo Gallery

The nest boxes have now been distributed to the various individuals and groups. If you and/or a group you belong to would like to join the program there are three ways to become involved:

1) send an email to be placed on a waitlist for funding to build your own box(es)

2) build your own box and join the program to get your own nest box number


3) submit annual data from your nest box(es) to the program from boxes you already have up. This will centralize the data into one location for easier access.

Detailed information on kestrel nest box installation related guidelines is found in the "American Kestrels" sub-tab under the "Wildlife Boxes" tab along the top menu bar. Information for landowners can be found under the "landowners" sub-tab of the kestrel program. Information for monitors (Citizen Scientists) of the nest boxes (which may include landowners) is found under the "Citizen Scientists" sub-tab of the kestrel program.


Details coming April 2019


Three organizations that have provided funds for either local kestrel nest boxes or to the province wide program.


Organizations or groups that are coordinating with this program to monitor nest boxes in BC.



Organizations that have contributed gifts in kind, discounts, materials or other aspects of the program.

Peace River, AB Location

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