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Research and Small Scale Tests

I have nine main projects that I am working on with regards to wildlife boxes with some of the work completed but most projects still needing to be installed or are partially installed. The majority of the research results will occur in the next 3-5 years, with seasonal results coming in the summer of 2018. The projects include: 

- Tree Swallows with the following components:

     - nest box density

     - nest box design (3 designs)

     - nest box size (2 sizes)

     - nest box entrance shape (keep out            house sparrows)

- American kestrels:

     - contribute to the genoscape study

     - monitor occupancy trends 

- Black-capped chickadee PVC boxes:

     - test preferred use

- Purple Martin:

     - test to see if martins will occupy new        sites further north than currently known      in Alberta

- Bat Box Test Sites:

     - preference for box design

     - occupancy numbers

- Flying squirrel nest box:

     - preference for box design

- Fisher and marten nest box

     - occupancy rate

- Salamander board use:

     - occupancy in the Peace River and            Smoky River areas along Judah Hill

- Bee box occupancy rates:

     - bumblebees

     - solitary bees

Each of these projects are occurring in Alberta and each has its own information page describing the different aspects of the project. You can reach each projects web page by selecting the link under the Projects tab or clicking on the species photo on the top right of this page.

Specific information on wildlife species that use the different boxes and platforms can be found under the "Wildlife Boxes" tab along the top of the webpage where detailed information regarding box building and attracting species is described.

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