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New Brunswick American Kestrel Nest Box Program

The New Brunswick American Kestrel Nest Box Program is a program with only 6 kestrel boxes in the province that has the following goals:

1) provide safe and secure nesting sites for kestrels particularly in areas with a mix of ranching and farming. 

2) provide long term snapshot of a trend for kestrel nest boxes across the province.

3) engage landowners and the public using citizen scientists to monitor and maintain the kestrel nest boxes.

4) band chicks and adults when possible.

5) provide opportunities for other kestrel biologists to conduct research.

6) provide feather samples for the 2019 summer as part of the continent wide genoscape project.

Landowners specific information can be found on the "Landowner" webpage:

Monitoring specific information (which many landowners would also be involved in) can be found on the "Citizen Scientists" webpage:

Detailed information on kestrels and their nest box placement can be found on the "American Kestrels" webpage:

American Kestrel Photo Gallery
Lots of boxes
Lots of boxes

Wood cut ready to be assembled
Wood cut ready to be assembled

All this work for these little birds
All this work for these little birds

Lots of boxes
Lots of boxes

The plan for the New Brunswick program is to mail out the boxes in late March and have them installed by spring for use by kestrels starting in the summer of 2019. The boxes are provided but the shipping costs would be covered by the landowner. The boxes do not come assembled but they do come with the pilot holes drilled and all of the components needed for a quick assembly. It typically takes me about 6 minutes to assemble one box when I am also pre-drilling the holes, so just assembling the nest box should take about 5 minutes.


Overall the boxes will be spread out across New Brunswick as best as I can given the limited number of boxes. Funding was not obtained for New Brunswick so the funds for the materials are my own, which is why the volunteers woul pay for the shipping to help share the costs of the program.

Detailed information on kestrel nest box installation related guidelines is found in the "American Kestrels" sub-tab under the "Wildlife Boxes" tab along the top menu bar. Information for landowners can be found under the "landowners" sub-tab of the kestrel program. Information for monitors (Citizen Scientists) of the nest boxes (which may include landowners) is found under the "Citizen Scientists" sub-tab of the kestrel program.


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