This single chamber box is made out of plywood with kerf saw cuts to provide climbing and roosting support for the bats. The sides of the box are a wedge shape that provides width variation for different sized bats. This allows larger bats, as well as smaller bats, access to the box where they can go up to a width they feel most confortable with. This box is unpainted. Choose the size you want as small (12" wide), medium (18" wide) or large (24" wide). Regular price starts at $45.00.


There are two variations for this box you must choose on how to attach it to a structure:This box unpainted.Regular price starts at $70.00.

1- two pieces of wood that protrude above and below the box along the center (pictured)

2- no wood pieces, you provide your own attachment method, such as, brackets you attach to the box after purchase (pictured on Small and Large boxes)

Unpainted Wedge Edge Bat Box